Vilandai Vel

Vilandai in Udaiyarpalayam taluk was the Capital of the chief Vilandai Vel who was defeated by Kochenganan, the last ruler of the Sangam Age. It was also the Head Quarters of Vilandaikurram which formed a part of Irungolappadi region which was ruled by Irungovel of Pidavur who was a contemporary of Karikalachola.

Irungovel was one of the Velir Chiefs of the sangam age, who ruled from his capital city “Pidavur” was defeated by Karikala Chola. His capital city “Pidavur” has been identified with the modern “Pudaiyur” in Kattumannar Kudi Taluk. Imperial cholas inscriptions refers a territory called “Irungolappadi”, which comprising parts of Udaiyarpalayam, Kattumannarkudi, Tittakudi, Virudachalam taluks on both the banks of the vellar river (The river vellar obtained its name from the Velir as “Vel Aar” (வேலாறு). The “Irungolappadi” was ruled by the “Irungolar Chieftains” during imperial cholas times. The “Vilandai Kuttram” was one of the nadu which existed in the “Irungolappadi Region” was ruled by “Vilandai Vel”, a chief of Vilandai in the sangam period.
During the period of Vikrama Chola in the year 1130 A.D, a Velir Chieftain named “Palli Kuttan Madurantakan alias Irungola Raman” referred in the Pennadam inscription (A.R.E. No.259 of 1928-29, Tittakudi Taluk). He belongs to “Vanniya Caste”. The “Erumbur” (situated on the northern bank of river Vellar) inscription mentions a Velir Chieftain named “Irungolan Gunavan Aparajitan” as a feudatory to Parantaka Chola-I.